Interpreting European heritage  is the strategy for building the European Experience as the European Commission promote in Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination – A new political framework for tourism in Europe (resolution 27/9/2011). This is the topic of the annual meeting of Interprete Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation, that takes place in these days in Pisa, 19-22 of May. What  does it means heritage interpretation?  To design the tourism experience of the visitors! Today, at the meeting, the National Trust_UK explains its strategy turning to an active, fresh, attentive care of the visitor, differentiated in terms of profile and of experiences delivered. And Image Maker_UK introduced the motivation as key element in the chain message+media+ motivation=meanings,  explaining their approach to new media in tourism. It is not enough to have the contents: using the new digital media it should be designed also how to stimulate motivation, and gaming is one possible strategy. ACTA presented  Fiumara d’arte, itinerary of contemporary art in Sicily, and the start up of a cross-medial communication strategy.