Sicily, May 2012, Fiumara d’arte in Castel di Tusa (30 km far from Cefalù). A Workshop will take place on the subject of heritage interpretation and new media as tools for designing Tourism Experience Tours.

A two days of meeting – 17-18 May, devoted to tourism guides; the 19 is devoted to local tourism stakeholders.  Here  we can visit a Contemporary Art site, a Park without fences, 11 monumental artworks in the rural landscape of the valley of Tusa river. Through this valley, in the past, people came bringing merchandise and wheat cultivated in the large inland areas. Now the visitors of the Fiumara are curious people searching something for being astonished. In fact, the competition between nature and art works create memorable experiences. Itineraries has been designed for allowing experiences that fit the timing and the way of transport available (bike, motorbike, car). To have the perception of the beauty of the area and of artworks, please give a look to the Fiumara d’arte website; you can download more info and GPS tracks.
The Workshop is about how to increase the attractiveness of the Fiumara d’Arte, witness of a Sicily able to talk a contemporary language. The Art Hotel, where meetings will take place, is itself part of the Fiumara d’arte and visitors can lodged inside one of the 40 rooms transformed by artistis, a way to live art and not just to contemplate it!