The “Creative Season Mecklenburg Inspiriert” was awarded as an innovative idea for the future, part of an important German award, promoted by the Ministry of Economy: Germany, country of ideas! On 24th of March, the award was handed over – great satisfaction. From March 2011 I had worked for 10 months for a cultural association on the German Baltic coast, developping an initiative of hospitality for artists in a tourism destination into a project of tourism-off-season-developpment. The project went through incredible strategic changes during this time. We had 200 applications from artists from all over the world, from all disciplines, and around 20 artists which finally came to stay during the first pilot of the “creative season” in the autumn 2011. What happened was a rich programme of cultural events, exhibitions, social gatherings, artists talks etc during november and december, involving artists, tourists and locals. The echo from the public and media was incredibly positive, more and more partners joined the project. So I decided, to finish my engagement for the association in the best possible way, proposing the work I had done for the award – and it was chosen. This is only the beginning of the “Creative Season” about which I will be telling here during the next months.