Lorenzo Canova

Sociologist, professor, he is an expert for the European Commission on tourism, environment, culture and sustainable local development issues; he took part in the scientific committee that wrote the Lanzarote Charter. As consultant of DPS_Department for the development and economic cohesion of Ministry of Economic Development (from 1998), consultant of Studiare Sviluppo – in house of the Ministry of Economic and Finance (from 2003), expert from 2003 of MIBAC – the Ministry for Culture and Heritage – D.G. Movies and DG Landscape, consultant from 2008 for the Fondation Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, he manage innovative processes related to public investments in architecture, planning, movies and contemporary arts as tools for local development (es.: Programma Sensi Contemporanei, Qualità italia, Visioni urbane, APQ Turismo, APQ Cinema, APQ Nautica Regione Sicilia, APQ Design Regione Calabria). He is professor from 1996 and from 2003 he teaches at University of Studies of Bergamo at the chair of Sociology of tourism and of local development. Founder and currently advisor of ACTA and advisor of Ecotrans network.